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April 2010



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I HAVEN'T UPDATED SINCE LAST YEAR! i think. New Years I spent at home watching Times Square stuff and Miley Cyrus. First time I've spent it at home that I remember. January 9, 10, and 11 I went to an overnight retreat for church in Bay Point. It started at 5pm on Friday until 11pm, 14 hours on Saturday (all day), and from 8am to 12:30 pm on Sunday. We sat in a room on carpet squares, sang songs, and listened. I've never been to anything like that. The best part was probably the singing because they had some cool movements to go along with them x) I stayed in a hotel (it was too far away from home) with 4 friends and we were assigned a room with one bed haha. The entire hotel was pretty much church people.  We had sushi and cheese and juice and chips and tortilla wraps  that they fed us and in the morning we had waffles :D and cereal and milk and juice and fruit and bread. That's all I can remember from January. FEBRUARY I don't remember. MARCH... Junior Prom is this Saturday in the 5th most dangerous city in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES!!! (i looked it up) I have no clue why out of all the places they chose that city. We're only like 10 minutes away from San Francisco from there! Whatever. At least the place looks nice. It looks like the place from Prom Night :P all historic-y and stuff. My dress is totally not appropriate for prom. It's not fancy enough. Oh,well.
MY REAL ENGLISH TEACHER is here. We had like 8 substitutes before she came back. She's strict, but I feel like I'm learning. We have etiquette lessons. It's so embarassing because you have to do what she says in front of the class. She has prints of different paintings on the walls and lamps with orange bulbs. It's just different.

OMG!  i almost forgot. I got my driving permit x) FINALLY. haha i'm so late. hopefully, i'll drive a car tommorow for the first time ever.

I'm sick.