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April 2010



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I need to get started on my homework. I need to study for a trigonometry test. I don't understand any of the material and I have 61% in the class. I'm so scared and nervous that I'm trying not to think about it, but ever since I remembered two days ago, I've been shivering. DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND TRIGONOMETRY? Please help me. Anyways, my neighbors are blasting their music right now. I'm posting this from my laptop. So, not that you care, I went to San Jose today. Leo and my dad went to the Tech museum while my mom and I went to Santana Row near Valley Fair mall in... Steven's Creek? Is that what it's called? Santana Row sort of looks like 3rd Street in Santa Monica, California. I love it there. For the first time I went into BCBG Max Azria. I've been into the outlet and I've seen the clothing at Marshalls, but it does not compare. The clothes looks like runway clothing. It was so pretty. I wanted to buy everything. It makes me push myself to get a job. The thing with buying expensive clothing is that I always feel guilty and like a complete snob/ selfish person, so I always end up returning it. I think way too much. Have you ever been to Boudin or to a restaurant where they give you a bread bowl and you usually don't end up eating the entire bowl, right? At Boudin (Wow, I post way to many entries involving Boudin) if you look around at the tables you will probably see a nice piece of bread abandoned and to be thrown away. DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING IN THE WORLD, NO NOT EVEN THE WORLD, BUT AROUND WHERE YOU ARE, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING AT ALL TO EAT?!  Yeah, I know there's nothing really you can do about leaving bread. When I'm older, I would love to have an extra to just give to people that really need it. I know it sounds cheeseballish, but really. Why spend $300 on a plain white shirt that just says BCBG MAX AZRIA on the tag that's inside that NO ONE is going to see unless they accomplish to make you take it off (or you wear it inside out) or you purposely go around with the tag shoving it in front of peoples face's. I do agree it feels nice to wear designer clothing, but you can definitely find it for much less than it is meant to be. I've been able to find REAL ORIGINAL Juicy Couture shirts for $10 and cute Dolce & Gabbana LEATHER shoes for only $20 at Neiman Marcus. *snap snap* in yoh face. I always think of everything I could do or get with the money I'm spending on one thing. That make's me feel guilty/snob/selfish. Sooo, after the shopping, we all went to the movies and watched Bedtime Stories at the movie theatre next to the Great Mall (yes, that's actually the name of the mall) in Milpitas. It's my current favorite movie now. It's super funny. Adam Sandler and Russell Brand are in the movie. Hmm...OH AND THEY FILMED PART OF IT IN SANTA MONICA! I wanna go there for New Year's!!! Well, just to the south. I want to go to Disneyland so bad. I don't know why. I should be sick of it. I've been there like 32 times. SRSLY.